New prices of Invisilaign


Comfortable, clear and easy to remove - Invisalign will transform your smile without restriction in everyday life.

Invisalign is a technology of correcting teeth through a series of transparent mobile braces (splints) that are specially made for each patient on the basis of the print or scan. Using transparent braces teeth are slowly moving towards the desired goal, planned by precise digital technology.


  • The most innovative and almost invisible braces that are made individually for each patient 
  • due to the latest technology there are no unpleasant prints 
  • comfortable to wear and completely discreet 
  • braces are mobile and can be removed. This allows full enjoyment of food and there is no keeping food on the locks 
  • there is no risk of creating white spots on the teeth that can easily develop into the cavities 
  • in cases of need for dental intervention or any form of recording in magnetic resonance or CT, braces can be easily removed 
  • In 90% of cases after removing fixed braces are needed dental treatment, scaling or laser teeth whitening. With Invisalign all this will not be necessary

New and more favorable prices of Invisalign braces 

 Only in Dental Center Dubravica: 

Invisalign braces cost 2.816 EUR and 3.066 for credit cards * 

Payment option in 12 installments with credit cards or consumer credit up to 60 installments Invisalign braces in orthodontics children It is great solution for children when treatment should be carried out in two phases of treatment (making one series splint) and within 5 years from the start of treatment may seek to develop new splint for the second phase of treatment. Invisalign braces in orthodontics adults It is particularly suitable for adult people who want to restore their lost self-confidence with a discreet appliance. Invisible braces will allow business activities without restriction and inconvenience