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Sedation and Local Anaesthesia


Long-term experience has shown that performing series of treatments that are not directly related to significant levels of pain, can still represent a feeling of discomfort for the patient (and thus a large number of patients avoid going to the dentist out of fear). One of the ways to confront fear and feelings of discomfort at Dental Centre Dubravica is sedation or local anaesthesia.

Anaesthesia is applied prior to every treatment that can cause even the minimum of pain. An important role of sedation is to ensure that the perioperative period, and all related anaesthetic and surgical treatments, are as pleasant as possible.

The most frequent reasons for performing treatments under sedation and anaesthesia are the following: extensive and long-lasting treatments, treatments in patients with a strong fear of dental work and oral surgery, treatments in patients with a very strong gag reflex, treatments in children and in persons with special needs.

The type of anaesthesia administered (general or sedation) depends on the surgical treatment, the general health condition of the patient and medications taken and needs for early postoperative rehabilitation, and is defined by the anaesthetist in agreement with surgeon and the patient.


Sedation is a state of calmness and decreased consciousness that is achieved by medications that affect the patient’s central nervous system, relieving feelings of discomfort and fear. This allows the surgeon to conduct specific treatments and to retain constant verbal contact with the patient during the entire procedure (2–3 hours). Sedation is performed under the supervision of an anaesthesiologist. During the treatment, the activity of the heart and lungs are not disturbed, and the numbness wears off about 20 minutes after treatment.

Local anesthesia

Local anaesthesia is a state in which the patient is conscious during surgery but he doesn`t feel any pain. It lasts about 2 hours.

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