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These General Terms of Use for the Website here referred to as ("the General Terms") prescribe the terms and conditions of use of the specified Internet site. 
By using these web sites, Users agree to comply with these terms and conditions and agree to use www. web site accordingly. 
The user is personally responsible for protecting the confidentiality of the passwords, in places where they exist as such. The publisher of www. is Poliklinika Dubravica d. o. o. , headquartered in Vodice, Magistrale 59, personal identification number (OIB): 62380794404 (hereinafter referred to as "Publisher"). is the Internet site through which the Publisher provides information on the products and services offered by the Publisher. 

The User of the Website www.dcd. hr is a legal or natural person who, in any way, directly or indirectly, uses, or used, accessed or accessed the website 

The web site includes all web pages, menus, galleries and other parts located within the domain


To give the users the best service and experience of using the service, Publisher may request personal information from the User. Providing these informations are voluntary and serves to help solve medical problems. Personal data will be used strictly in accordance with the data protection laws and with the European GDPR regulation. Personal data is used solely in standard procedures for processing the User's request. Processing and use of data for consultation, advertising and marketing research is only possible with the express consent of the User. If the User also agrees that the data is used by other organizations within the constituent or third parties listed above, they may also be assigned to those parties. If the User does not consent, the information will not be disclosed to anyone. Collected personal data will be used only and exclusively within the scope that is needed. Data protection and information security are an integral part of our company's policy.

By using these web sites, Users agree to comply with the stated terms and conditions and agree to use web site accordingly.


All materials on the website of"> are the property of the Publisher and are as such protected by law. The Publisher is the copyright holder on the full content of the"> web site.

Texts, images, graphic elements, soundtracks, animations, video clips, as well as their distribution on the Internet pages are subject to copyright and other intellectual property laws. These objects may not be copied for commercial purposes, may not be distributed, or any of these objects may be modified or placed on other sites or on some other materials.

It is strictly forbidden to distribute, copy, transfer, link, publish or otherwise modify any of these Internet pages and / or any material, data, photos, texts published on this site and / or any other part of this Website without written permission from the Publisher.

The User may not modify, post, transmit, participate in the transfer or sale, create derivative works, or in any other way exploit any content from the website, in whole or in part. Copying, redistribution, redirection, issue, or commercial exploitation of the downloaded material is also not permitted.


A cookie is a simple text file that is stored in a browser while a user browses an internet site. When a user views the same site in the future, the site can "retrieve" the data stored in the cookie in order to be notified of the previous user's activity.

Cookies from our site do not collect any user information. Using cookies can be prevented at any time by adjusting your program appropriately. Cookies are used exclusively by the web site only while the User is on it, for anonymous statistical data processing, as well as for better use of the website.


All information on is not subject to any obligation by the Publisher and does not include any guarantees on the feasibility and performance of health services. The publisher made this page for the purpose of quality and accurate reporting of the user. However, if some information is incorrectly written or inaccurate, the Publisher is not responsible for any liability or liability for any indirect or consequential damages related to the materials and information presented on the website.

Our employees and all companies providing these services are bound by the confidentiality and adherence to the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act. Poliklinika Dubravica d.o.o. undertakes all the necessary technical and organizational measures in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act in order to ensure that the information it manages provides for manipulation, loss, destruction, access to unauthorized persons and unauthorized disclosure. In accordance with technological development, we constantly improve our security measures.

The user can at any time request a report on stored personal data. The user can also request a correction of their data at any time. In relation to the aforementioned request of the Customer Poliklinika Dubravica d.o.o. is obliged to act within a reasonable time. In addition, in the future, the User may at any time revoke his / her consent for the collection, processing and use of personal data.

Deleting personal data follows a revocation of the storage permission if personal data is no longer required for the purpose for which it is stored or if the storage is legally inadmissible.

This does not refer to the information required for billing purposes and accounting purposes or the storage is subject to statutory obligation. These data can also be locked if access is not required.

For reporting, notification, suggestions and complaints regarding processing of the User's personal data as well as for the revocation of consent, you can contact our data protection authorities.

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