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Due to the lack of bone in the upper jaw, they told you that you are not a candidate for implant placement and you are still doomed to dentures and other inadequate solutions - the RIGHT SOLUTION still exists.

We offer you the most advanced surgical technology - Zygoma implant placement system, where implants are placed in the zygomatic bone (cheekbone). Zygomatic implants are a revolution in dental medicine because there is no longer a reason why someone could not put an implant, thus solving all their dental problems and living a quality and healthy life with a smile on their face.

Why Zygoma Implants?

Because they eliminate the need for a bone graft or sinus lift, because there is enough support for them in the cheekbone. They also represent an alternative to bone augmentation, which has been so far the only solution for people with severe bone deficiency.

The implant placement is performed under local or general anesthesia in the top conditions of the day hospital of the Medical Center Vodice. Postoperative pain is minimal with the use of analgesics as needed. Slight swelling is possible, but within 2-3 days, the patient returns to his normal activities.

Who is a candidate for zygoma implants?

  • All those who have a large loss of bone in the upper jaw, and are therefore doomed to total or partial dentures
  • All those who want complete and permanent dental reconstruction with fixed solutions (crowns, bridges, all on 4)

ZYGOMA IMPLANTS - a fast, quality and durable solution for patients with a lack of bone in the upper jaw and in whom is not not possible to put the standard implants.

Do not wait until tomorrow; just take an appointment today with Dr. Ivica Dubravica, world member of Leading Implant Centers, an expert who has so far placed over 15 000 implants, with 99% success, and returned a smile to the faces of many.

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