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Implant insertion procedure

Implant is, slimply said, artificial tooth replacement. Dental implants are frequently the best option for replacing missing teeth. If you are missing one or a few teeth, dental implants are a perfect solution for you. Implants are firmly connected with the bone so they won't feel like foreign objects in your body. Since the implant is anchored to the jaw, the bone is properly stimulated so it won’t deteriorate.

1. Regular check-up and treatment planning

Before installing an implant a patient will have a detailed consultations with our doctors. Where and how implants are placed requires a detailed assessment of patients mouth and jaw state. For better overview of patients bone state we use special radiographs.

2. Installing an implant

Implant is surgically installed into the bone. The whole procedure is done under local anesthesia so it is painless and fastly done (one visit) . If it is necessary, through the process of installing an implant, we upgrade the patients bone ( if the volume and quality of the bone is not satisfying and could be replaced by artificial bone).

3. Time of healing (Osseointegration)

Osseointegration is a process in which implanted material is being integrated with the bone. Time of coalescence depends on patients bone state and general state of the organism (6-8 weeks). If teeth are properly cleaned after the procedure, healing process is going to be painless and without any complications.

4. Implanting prosthetics

After the healing phase it is time to install prosthetics (crowns, bridges, dentures) or teeth on implants.

5. Dental care and control of your teeth

If you are taking care of your dental hygene, doing regular dental chek-ups and using interdental toothbrushes your dental implant will last longer.

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