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Dental prosthetic


Prosthodontics, also known as dental prosthetics is an area of dentistry that deals with missing or deficient teeth. We improve the function and the aesthetic appearance of your teeth, as well as your quality of life. By saying that we don't mean just your beauty but also your health.

We divide Prosthetics on:
fixed prosthetics (crowns, bridges)
mobile prosthetics (complete or total prosthetics, partial denture, implant prosthetics)

Fixed Prosthetics


A crown is a "tooth- shaped cap" placed over a natural tooth. Crowns replace previously damaged or decayed teeth. A tooth is being filed down to make a room for the crown. In DCD we offer you the top quality crowns which are both, functional and beautiful.

When crowns are placed on your teeth, we form them to look natural.

Dental centre Dubravica offers three different types of crowns:

  • ceramic crown fused on metal
  • ceramic crown fused on titan
  • ceramic crown fused on circon


The zircon ceramics takes a special place among ceramic materials in every aspect. Being treated by the CAD/CAM system is considered to be the most perfect metal nowadays. The term "ceramic steel" is related to the extraordinary mechanic features:

  • extraordinary consistence
  • breaking strength
  • long-lasting stability


Titanium being treated by the CAD/CAM system represents an extraordinary efficient and unique material in fixed prosthetics, especially for dental crowns and bridge basics thanks to the following features:

  • Allergy-free material (non-irritating, after being in use for over decades, not even one case of allergic incompatibility has been registered)
  • defensive reactive (perfect defence and isolation of your crown or dental bridge from chemical impacts of sweet or sour food, from aggressive body fluids or corrosion)
  • translucent for x-rays (enables the establishment of a diagnosis through dental crowns, i.e. it is possible to make x-ray examinations for early and reliable caries diagnosis without the need of taking off the crowns or dental bridges)
  • agreeable (very firm, lightweight, of neutral taste)
  • aesthetically perfect

By this modern dentistry technology - CAD/CAM - which is applied to the prosthetic work, we can make an amazing smile for you. Using this technology, the patient is an active participant in the creation of his smile. So, in collaboration with dentist he creates a plan, expresses his desires, and technology makes it possible to completely digitalize the process. The patient, along with the dentist determines the size, position, color and appearance of his new teeth.


A dental bridge is a type of crown that is used to span an empty space between two teeth. A bridge is made up of two crowns for the teeth on either side of the gap. The simplest and most common type of bridge is a three tooth implant bridge. If we wouldn't fill the empty space between the teeth there would be a high probability for other teeth start moving which is a one step closer to losing proper bite and developing paradentosis.

Mobile prosthetics


When patient is missing a lot of teeth one of the simplest solutions for him would be teeth prosthetics. Today, with teeth prosthetics is possible to achieve functionality and beautiful look. There are many types of mobile prosthetics including partial dentures and full dentures. Partial dentures are used when a patient is missing only a few teeth and they are placed between existing natural teeth.

Complete dentures

Complete dentures are used when all the teeth are missing. They are recommended as an alternative economical solution for remediation of jaw with no teeth when impants are not a possible option. The base is made from acrylic, and teeth can be cheramic or acrylic.While patient is waitng for his complete denture he will get a temporary one.

Implant retained dentures

Implant retained dentures are placed over your own remaining natural teeth roots or dental implants that have been previously installed. Dentures are held in place by dental attachments which provide the retentive strength that you desire. Great feature of dentures is the possibility to take them off to clean them and to maintain proper dental hygene. While wearing implant retained dentures you will feel great either eating or talking.


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