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Today, modern prosthetics is unimaginable without implantology, representing the ideal solution in specific cases. The preservation of teeth is an absolute imperative in modern stomatology.
Implants are implanted when following is needed:

  • implantation of a single tooth
  • implantation of a group of teeth
  • implantation in toothless jaws

Every implant contains a metal rod that is placed in the jawbone instead of the tooth root, with a tooth being clipped onto (after the bone fuses with the metal rod). Depending on the situation, the number and location of the remaining teeth, implants can be implanted during the fabrication of fixed prosthetics and support dental bridges, or can be used as a support for total dentures (when there is a problem with the dentures falling out of the mouth, difficult intake of food or harder speech).

At our clinic, we use implants of one of the renowned companies with the high quality certificates and which are aaesthetically perfect.

After the complete treatment and implant operations, the function and aesthetics of the missing teeth are fully restored.

Our patients are always delighted with the appearance of their new teeth and, of course, with the recovered functions, and for us doctors, those smiles confirm a successful therapy.


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