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We guarantee a painless dental treatments for all our work, an excellent German quality products and modern approach to dentistry.

That's why we give you a 5 year guarantee on all our work.

To make sure that these will take 5 years without any problems for you, we recommend yearly control:

  • for implants, twice a year
  • for crowns and bridges, once a year
  • and of course a regular yearly cleaning and polishing of teeth (and if necessary more frequently)

The guarantee is a subject to general annual controls. The outcome of the dental treatment depends also on the health conditions and oral hygiene habits of the patient for which the dentist can not take the responsibility. The guarantee applies to the quality of work / dentures delivered to the patient.

The warranty is valid only in the following cases:

  • If the patient comes regularly to a control check (first year at least 3 times a year, the next 2-5 years minimum twice a year, after 5 years at least once a year)
  • if the patient adheres to the doctor's instructions regarding OH and the special cleansing of the prosthesis
  • if the defect of the prosthesis (crown, inlay, bridge, total prosthesis ...) can be attributed to the processing stage and works of dental technician

The warranty does not apply in the following cases:

  • If the patient does not come to the regular check-ups
  • If the patient does not comply with the doctor's instructions regarding oral hygiene and special cleansing of the prosthesis
  • If the patient does not use the prosthesis in the appropriate way (if it falls on the floor or the patient strikes it with something or damages it some other way ...)
  • if the patient refuses to create a nightstand for bite unburdening or does not use it properly, since in the absence of fixation the porcelain faucet may crack and the porcelain flake may crumble.

Guarantee does not include:

  • Inflammation of dental pulp, parotid or dental flesh
  • Change of the opinion regarding the finished works
  • Cost of travel, accommodation, and costs incurred for other reasons (like absence from work).
  • Defect / break of natural tooth under the bridge / crown

DCD assumes responsibility for the executed procedures and prostheses submitted by the DCD dentists. Only the prostheses, denture repairs by dental technicians or eventual new works are included in the guarantee. The guarantee does not include travel, accommodation, expenses incurred for other reasons.

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