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Lasers in dentistry


Laser (acronym of english word "Light Amplification by stimulated Emission of Radiation") is one of the biggest technological accomplishments of the 20th century.

Laser is a device that emits light through a process of optical amplification based on the stimulated emission of electromagnetic radiation. In the 60-es of the 20th century, when lasers were first used, laser technology continued to constantly develop. In the last two decades, it is widely used in medicine and stomatology and it is the latest revolution in dentistry.

In comparison with traditional methods, laser therapy is gentle, less invasive and less painfull (in most cases there is no need for anesthetic). Treatment is short, and recovery is pleasant and fast.

In Dental Centre Dubravica we use Fotona Light Walker AT laser, the winner of many awards. This product is included among top 100 products in dentistry in 2011. This type of laser offers 2 wavelenghts which means wide spectrum of use in all fields of stomatology. Laser beam selectively works on whether soft or hard tissues by removing diseased tissue and disinfecting operational field.

Conservative stomatology

Compared to the traditional dental drill, fixing your teeth with lasers is painless and much more comfortable (no unpleasant vibrations or sounds). Lasers are also a great option for treating dental hypersensitivity.


Wellcured and adequately filled root canal is a guarantee for longevity of the teeth. Use of lasers in fixing teeth allows special washing techniques and tooth root channels desinfection methods. Together with mechanical techniques, laser methods are the biggest accomplishment in endodontics.


Laser periodontal therapy is minimally invasive procedure where special narrow extensions are used to get into periodontal pockets and to remove diseased tissue or hidden scale below ginigival margin. This way bacteria that causes inflammation is being removed. With the use of laser, modern periodontics have undergone a revolution thanks to amazing results which are not comparable to any conventional methods.

Soft tissue surgery

For example, lump removal, frenulectomia as a part of orthodontic therapy, vestibuloplasty as a preprosthetic therapy and so on. For a patient it is more pleasant than classical scalpel surgery. Procedures are faster, painless (with no anesthesia), there is no bleeding or need to sew. Patient recovery is faster, and tissue will heal with no scars.


Laser is used for implant bed preparation and as a treatment for peri-implantitis as a possible method of your choice.

Teeth whitening

Laser teeth whitening is the safest, fastest and most efficient method.

Herpes and acne treatments

After a short therapy patients will feel instant relief, and the healing time will be shorter.

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