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Periodontology is a separate branch of dentistry that deals with prevention, diagnostics and treatment of illnesses that affect the perodontium. The periodontium is what we call the supportive tissues of teeth, including gums (gingiva), bones and periodontal ligament, and whose role is to support the teeth in the jaw.

Periodontal disease start when pathogenic bacteria are accumulated in the tissues of the mouth cavity. Build-up of plaque and tartar in the periodontal pocket (the space between gingiva and teeth) leads to chronic inflammation that destroys the supportive tissue of the teeth.

Periodontal diseases are divided into two groups: GINGIVITIS and PERIODONTITIS.

GINGIVITIS is caused by bacteria accumulating on the gingival sulcus, resulting in inflammation, redness and bleeding. People with poor oral hygiene are prone to gingivitis, and certain factors such as pregnancy, puberty, orthodontic anomalies or wearing a denture can contribute to deterioration of the clinical features of the disease.

Untreated gingivitis will lead to a progression of the bacterial infection, which moves into deeper tissue and results in PERIODONTITIS. This leads to an irreversible loss of bone followed by movement and loss of teeth. Emotional stress, smoking or systemic diseases (i.e. diabetes) can exacerbate the clinical features of the disease.


Every DCD patient receives an intraoral examination, followed by ultrasonic tartar cleaning and teeth polishing. During the first checkup the patient gets instructions on oral hygiene. Then the doctors give the diagnosis, backed by an orthopantomographic or CT analysis, and work together with the patient to make an individual therapy plan.

The therapy for periodontal disease depends on how advanced the disease is. This is determined by measuring the depth of the periodontal pockets with a special periodontal probe connected to a computer. In this sophisticated way and using a special software, your periodontal file will be saved at DCD and, together with our doctors, you will be able to keep track of the changes and progress made during therapy.

Until recently, advanced periodontal diseases were incurable - therapy was considered successful if the disease was kept at the same level as when the patient first came to see the doctor. Medical and technological progress has helped periodontal experts discover that laser energy (in the form of a beam) affects periodontal tissue and bacteria in the pockets. Today periodontal disease can not only be stopped, but periodontal tissue can recover and the bone can regenerate.

DCD doctors use the most advanced "LIGHTWALKER" (Fotona) dental laser with two wave lengths, meaning it has two lasers in one machine. Based on this feature, and the research and experience of eminent periodontologists, DCD doctors have developed our own special protocol of treatment of periodontal disease (TPT or Twin Light Periodontal Treatment).

Using the laser beam, the goal of the therapy is to destroy the bacteria in the periodontal pocket and eliminate the toxins that are responsible for the clinical features of the disease. The laser beam is a disinfectant and destroys 96% of the bacteria in the pocket, which is impossible when using a surgical method. After this, the granular (inflamed) tissue and the leftovers of sub gingival plaque are removed, creating conditions for recovery.

Depending on the stage of the disease, the therapy is completed in two to four additional visits to the dental centre. Based on instructions given by DCD, the patient maintains strict oral hygiene. After the therapy he or she comes for checkups where we monitor the success of the therapy and prevent the return of the disease.

In modern times dental health is of great value to both doctors and patients, who are becoming more and more aware of the importance of retaining their natural teeth. Here at DCD we will help you with advice and therapy, and work together to find the best solution for keeping you and your teeth healthy!

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