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Zygoma- zygomatic implants

Your only wish is to have fixed teeth in your mouth, to talk, eat and laugh without being preoccupied that your teeth will fall out or move.

Due to the lack of bone, it has not been possible to find a solution to this situation so far, but the ZYGOMA SYSTEM is bringing a big change and revolution in dentistry.

The large lack of bone in the upper jaw has so far been the only obstacle to the patient having implants, but Zygoma implants are implanted in the zygomatic bone, so they are slightly longer than standard implants. These are titanium implants with a length of 30-60 mm, and the cheekbone is the great support for implant placement due to its strength.

The unique Zygoma concept in our clinic is performed by a great team of doctors and medical staff in the perfect sterile conditions of our Medical Center Vodice, which is the leading surgical center in the region.

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